Health & Disability

Remap The “Remap” project providing information on custom made equipment for people with disabilities.  Remap is a unique charity offering a service to anyone who, because of some form of disability, is unable to carry out daily tasks or a much enjoyed leisure activity.  Groups of volunteers made up of technicians, engineers, DIY craftspeople, working with health professionals such as occupational therapists & physiotherapists will meet with the individual to design a piece of equipment to solve the solution.

Arthritis Care – Empowering people with arthritis.  There is a wealth of information on all conditions and it is free.  Information is tailored to individual need.  Support groups are available to join with discussion forums on .  Booklets are available, factsheets, audio recordings, short films and a vast website.  All full of information on how to live life to the full.  “Don’t let arthritis control you.  Take control today”.  Freephone helpline 0808 800 4050.

For older people for life: Independent Age
Independent Age, 6 Avonmore Road, London W14 8RL
T 020 7605 4200
F 020 7605 4201
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Troubled Nights
Help for people who wet the bed.

Helpline for Carers
Support and Information  03456 434 435

PALS stands for “Patient Advice and Liaison Service”
PALS staff work in hospitals and health trusts and, help patients have their questions answered about NHS services.  They also help resolve problems for patients who want problems resolved rather than making a formal complaint.